Our team

Our team

Arvind Sharma (Founder)

Mr Arvind Sharma founder of Aim Capital Financial, He is done M.A (Economics), M.B.A (Marketing & Finance) and having ample experience of financial Market. Since 2008 he is working as a Financial Planner and provide appropriate solutions & advise to her clients in the area of financial management and wealth accumulation. The areas in which he works include strategic retirement and investment planning, risk management implementation, as well as employer benefit review. He helps her clients on an ongoing basis to ensure they are continually working toward their financial planning goals, no matter what the circumstances may be. Arvind have a passion for assisting younger clients as well who are just beginning their financial journey, and takes pride in walking them through each piece of the financial planning process in a clear and strategic manner.

Kaushal mandloi (Investment advisor- Research analyst)

Kaushal mandloi is a skilled technical analyst with over 5 years of experience in stock advisory firm. He has vast knowledge of
various technical tools like moving averages, MACD, Bollinger bands, RSI, Candlestick patterns etc.

He has completed his MBA (Financial administration) He is also holding necessary certificates of NISM (investment advisor levels)
from NSE established by SEBI, for working in security market as a technical analyst. He is very passionate about stock market.

Our Investment Process

Major accomplishments require careful discipline and cannot be reached using shortcuts. The road to your financial goals requires a map in the form of an investment process. The straightforward and disciplined approach at Aim Capital Financial Group will make it easy for you to follow each step on your journey and will help you move toward meeting your objectives and long term goals.

Step 1: Complete Financial Analysis

You are a unique investor, and we believe in customizing portfolio strategies based on your unique goals, financial needs, time horizons, and tolerance for risk. First, we need to understand what your financial position is today. Together with you, we will tailor an investment strategy based on a detailed analysis.

Your tolerance for risk will be measured by your answers to a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. Using your questionnaire results and your current financial information we will recommend a risk/return profile matching your unique situation. This profile sets the framework for your recommendations of the investment strategists and money managers.

Step 2: Select Your Investment Strategist

The strategist’s role is key to creating portfolios that are well balanced and maintain the appropriate blend of asset classes. Your financial advisor will assist you in selecting the investment strategist that can best help achieve your objectives.

Step 3: Portfolio Construction:

According to leading experts, portfolio performance is mostly driven by appropriate asset allocation. Having the right mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash is more important than selecting the right security or investing at just the right time. That is why an investment must follow a disciplined strategy and be monitored on a regular basis, while remaining flexible enough to adjust to ever changing market conditions

Step 4:Monitor Performance:

Your portfolio will be constantly monitored and never left to chance. Using disciplined and expert advice, we will help you move toward your financial goals. Changing economic conditions are often accompanied by the market forces that directly affect your portfolio and prompt the need for realignment of the asset classes.

You may receive core summary reports for your accounts on a quarterly basis and custodial statements on a monthly basis. This allows you to review and measure your progress toward your financial goals and suitability of investment strategies.

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