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We Are Responsible Leaders In Investment & Financial Service

Our Ideal sentence is "Client First" we are responsible & Trusted for investment and Financial services.

Responsible :

Our Product ; Sales and service strategy is entirely guided by this.

Our Aim :

We aim to provide quality financial & investment Solutions which help customers feel financially secure and confident of a brighter and prosperous future.


How We Work

"Invest Rightly and Switch Timely"

We Strongly believe that by investing in right asset class and book profits timely, client creates wealth. So we actively follow investment process

Investment Process :

  • Complete Financial Analysis
  • Select Your Investment Strategies
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Monitor Performance

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  • Trusted Advice, Imaginative Solutions
  • Focus on financial goal
  • Respect of the client needs culture, identify and objective
  • Technology driven and expert in the solutions
  • Adding value not complication
  • Small enough to care, large enough to deliver excellence.
  • 15+ year industry experience
  • 1500 + satisfied clients


I was very happy when I opened my statement this month. Your funds recommendation are... doing great this year! I am thankful that I trusted your advice. Let's plan to meet twice a year to review my portfolio.

Puneet Batra

I am much more comfortable choosing funds for my investment portfolio after our discussion last week.... I appreciate the extra time you spend answering my questions. I needed to understand the details before making the investment. I hope to see a great return soon!

Arpit Zamindar

Thank you for explaining the various forms and aspects of Life insurance and how each one works.... I am happy with my selection for a term policy. I also found the arrangement for the life insurance test quite convenient. And thanks for doing all the paperwork!

Harinder Singh Negi

Thank you for your good work and taking care of... me in a good timely manner. You are the best Advisor ever.

CA Vinamra Patodi

I appreciate your pattern of working. You do not make hurry while making client understand about... the funds/Insurances & explain everything in such a manner that even a 10 year child can understand the plan very easily & comfortably.

Rohit Hanotiya

Your mobile application AIMGROWW is very nice. One can easily review/select/purchase/sell any... fund with just few clicks. Fund statements are also very easy to understand.

Nilesh Bendre

Having a great experience working with you. Your fund picks and profit booking as well as ... switching is very prompt, which helped me making a good sum. Best wishes for future

DR. Hemant Mandloi

Earlier I was very scared of investing in mutual funds, but after associating with AIM CAPITAL FINANCIAL my that fear has gone. As I remember our 1st meeting was 4 and a half hours long... because of my fear, & in this period of time They explained each and every factors & aspects of investing in MF & also about the risks associated with investment in market. Now I am investing in MF since 6 years with Your company and appreciating my wealth. Thanks for timely support.

Gaurav pathak

I am very happy to be an investor with your company. I can get every financial solution at one place... & no need to roam here & there for different purpose like MF/Insurances. Wish u a good luck for future.


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